butterflies for spring

So I am registered for tentative classes in the spring. My schedule isn't ironed out yet, I want to pick a 5th class and maybe change some things, but I needed to sign up for something! I will make the final shcedule when I meet with Ada in the spring... Ada is going to think I am such a loon, Dean Lawler has been a saint as usual, she must already know I am a loon.

anyways here are the four I have signed up for:

Anth 4 section 2 MWF 01:15pm-02:20p
Span 158 MWF 12:15pm-01:05p with Coddu!
Span 180 TTH 01:15pm-02:20p with Ada
Span 118 MW 02:40pm-03:55p with Ada

What else is new here? I have been getting things together for x-mas and working. It's sleeting/ snowing right now- ick! I need to get on the registrar now to figure out billing and credits, but more importantly I need to email good old Bob Meade... TEENIE TOT where are you living! JEN HUDON where you living?

I went to Niemans last night with my camera because they have such a lovely butterfly display, but I need to go back when it's not so late at night and there is better lighting...

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