crazy, sexy, cool

So all is well here, things are crazy, but in a good way. I am quitting work and finishing off lots of details for returning to Drew and just enjoying myself seeing people and being social for once. New years weekend went from zero plans to what has already been one hell of a weekend and is only going to get crazier! Last night I went out on the town with my cousins grey and lizzy in a limo with a bunch of their friends from out of state and we all got tosty and riotous things that will go down in malin family history happened, i drunk dialed a few drew people, took some terrible pictures, looked smashing and got hit on by the limo driver and the coke heads all night haha I am a winner! I had a great time though and am stoked to head out to the lakehouse and then go back to drew, I saw brokeback this morning and cried and felt like no one i saw it with appriciated why it was so moving to me... i needed me some drew loving! anyways here are some terrible drunk pictures with flash gah.... not my usual artistic attempts, but a decent reprisentation of the parts i was most sober for!

grey is falling off the bed in the poolhouse

look at that white blur

the pimp and his hoes in the limo

this particular hoe seems wasted

lizzy getting dizzy in the limo while everyone else peed at blockbuster, classy lassies!

I am such a camera whore sober or wasted, andy warhol complex what can i say!

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